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Hydrotherapy Pool

Our hydrotherapy pool is heated to 28°C in order to promote circulation of the blood flow and reduce swelling. The pool is 10.5ft wide by 19.5ft in length and 3.5ft in depth, so even the biggest breeds are able to comfortably swim.


Our pool is also equipped with anti-swim jets, which increases the resistance and turbulence, therefore providing a harder workout. Jets will only be applied at our hydrotherapist's discretion.

All patients will be provided with a buoyancy aid during their initial assessment. Once deemed confident enough in the water to swim unaided, they will then be provided with a harness. The hydrotherapist will be in the water with them at all times, assisting when needed, and watching for any abnormal movement.


Owners are welcome to be present at all times during the session.


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Aquatic Treadmill

Our West Coast Bilancio Treadmill allows patients to walk in a reduced weight bearing environment.


Using the treadmill encourages extension, flexion, and the placement of the pad. The hydrotherapist is able to monitor your pet's gait pattern, stride length, flight arch and assist as needed. A hydrotherapist will be with your pet at all times.


The depth of the warm water is customised every session in order to target specific muscles. We also adjust the treadmill speed during the session to help your pet achieve the correct gait pattern.


Owners are welcome to be present at all times during the session.

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