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Hydrotherapy allows movement of almost every muscle without causing concussive stress on the joints. Due to the water resistance, muscles have to work notably harder which improves strength and stamina whilst working the cardiovascular system. The water is heated to 28°C, which helps with relaxation and assists blood flow to the muscles and joints, and prevents cramping.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy include:

  • Building muscle

  • Reducing inflammation

  • Increasing stamina

  • Increasing circulation

  • Increasing the production of synovial joint fluid

  • Increasing the range of movement

  • Providing mental stimulation

  • Encourages weight loss


Springbok Hydrotherapy Centre offers full canine and feline rehabilitation programmes to your pets, as well as fun/fitness swims and puppy swims to improve their stamina and strength and help introduce your pet to water. We have a hydrotherapy pool, an aquatic treadmill and physiotherapy located at Springbok Veterinary Group (Three Cross Vets Branch).

We require veterinary consent prior to commencing treatment as this enables us to have a full understanding of the patient. During the patient's first visit, our hydrotherapists will decide on the best method of treatment (pool, aquatic treadmill or both) after a detailed health checkup and discussion with the owner(s).


Every  session, patients receive a health check, rinse and shampoo (optional). We also keep owner(s) and their veterinary surgeon closely updated on the health progression of their pets, which includes monitoring of muscle mass, gait analysis, and range of movement.