Christmas Dangers

Sadly Christmas celebrations can pose many dangers to our pets. Here below are a list of hazards so you are aware of how to keep them safe during this festive period.

Christmas Food

Eating and drinking is a big part of the holiday. However you need to think twice before sharing food with your pets. Dangerous food and drink can include:

• Chocolate

• Christmas cake

• Mince pie

• Christmas pudding

• Sage and onion stuffing

• Nuts

• Leftover bones

• Alcohol

• Blue cheese

Christmas Presents and Decorations

Watch where you leave your rubbish or toys as pet's may quickly wish to explore. Problems can occur with the following:

• Wrapping paper

• Batteries

• Silica gel

• Small toys

• Electrical lights

• Tinsel

• Baubles and ornaments


Most people decorate their home with plants throughout the period, without knowing these may be harmful to your pet. Plants that can be a danger can include:

• Poinsettia

• Ivy

• Christmas trees

• Mistletoe

• Holly

• Potpourri

What to do if you think your pet has eaten something they shouldn't have?

If you think your pet has eaten or inhaled something they should, speak to your vet for them to direct you. Try to find out what poison you think they have been exposed to, when and how much for the vet to have a better idea on how to assist.


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