Keeping Fitness Levels Up For a Working Dog

For all types of working dogs, whether that's fly ball, agility, sheepdogs or gun dog training, they need the ability to sustain a large amount of work, therefore muscle tone and stamina is highly important.

Three Cross Agility Group

Muscle tone is essential to ensure your dog's joints are supported so they can perform to the best of their ability. Working dogs have a much more intense lifestyle, which places greater stress on the body and increases the risk of injuries. With improved muscle mass this ensures your canine has the ability to walk/run over all kinds of terrain and the capableness to balance and stabilise themselves. Hydrotherapy, in the form of swimming, is a fun non-weight bearing exercise which helps to increase and maintain muscle mass. An important muscle group for the jumping action and thrust is the hamstring. The hampstring group consists of femoral biceps, semitendinous and semimembranous muscles, which main responsibility is the extension of the hip, hock and stifle.

Stamina and cardio-vascular is also essential to your dogs working lifestyle. With an increased stamina this will enable them to endure long periods of activity, without tiring, therefore leading to a better performance physically and mentally. Hydrotherapy sessions are personalised for each individual dogs and jets can be added to increase the turbulence to provide an unstable environment for your dog to swim within which in turn adds to increased stamina.

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