Preparing Your Dog for Christmas

Decorating a Christmas tree with sparkly lights and the rest of your home is all part of the Christmas fun to most of us this holiday season. However, while we get caught up in the festivities it's important to check in on our pets. A change in household can easily cause stress and upset for furry friends, so here are some handy tips for you to bear in mind over the next few weeks.

Gradually decorate - doing this in stages, rather than all in one day, can give your pet time to adapt.

Maintain a normal routine - keep their beds where they usually are.

Ensure your pet has a quiet area - let them escape from the noise if they wish.

Be aware of danger - ensure wires are hidden away. Chocolate, Mince Pies, Poinsettia, Holly and Mistletoe are just some of the items that are toxic for dogs and cats, therefore keep them away from where their paws can reach.

Treat your pet - Buying them new toys or treats is a great way to get them involved in the fun.


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